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Frequently Asked Questions

Provide our customers with the best software and web solutions!

The AbuzWeb web agency offers the following services: website creation, web application creation, mobile application creation, web hosting, domain name, SEO, web marketing, digital SMS, paid advertising, e-mailing, training, ...

Yes we work with clients who are abroad. Computer advances have made our job easier. We have exchange and work channels that promote safe remote collaboration.

There is no set price at AbuzWeb. It all depends on the content of the specifications which determines the work to be done. Prices are flexible with us and we make the price right.

The duration of creating a website depends in particular on the specifications. The more there is to do, the more time it takes. But generally speaking, we make an effort to stay within a month at most.

The duration of creating a website depends in particular on the specifications. The more there is to do, the more time it takes. But generally speaking, we make an effort to stay within a month at most.

The choice of address or domain name of your site is free. However, there is the issue of name availability that often arises. Otherwise, AbuzWeb offers domain names available to customers with verification.

A web application is an application that can be handled directly online using a web browser and therefore does not require installation on client machines, unlike mobile applications.

The specification is a document provided by the client which gives essential details for the realization of the project. It informs the different parts of the project and the functionalities desired by the client.

Yes, AbuzWeb works in partnership with EcrisText which specializes in web writing. EcrisText takes care of all our needs for textual content of all kinds.

Being on social networks can allow you to develop a close relationship with your customers by giving them the opportunity to communicate directly with you. Social networks allow you to communicate, get closer and retain your customers.

SEO first allows you to make your website known to search engines. After your site is listed, you have to do the SEO to occupy the first pages in the search results on the web. This improved its positioning in search engines.

A responsive website is a website designed with the latest programming technologies that give it the ability to adapt to any type of screen (phone, tablet, computer).

Yes you will need a permanent referrer if you want to climb and keep the first pages in the search results. Competition also exists on the web and it takes continuous work to hope for a dominant position on the web.

You must necessarily audit your website to find out how much SEO will cost. The audit is free of charge unless you specifically request it.

Yes if you have the necessary skills. But DIY would be a waste of time and could backfire on your site. A professional is highly recommended. AbuzWeb to help you with the referencing of your website.

An Internet address or domain name is the equivalent of your postal address on the Internet. This is how your contacts and customers will find your website on the web. A domain name is therefore essential when creating your site.

Hosting means, in the world of computing and the Internet, the fact of making storage space available to creators of websites on secure servers, so that the websites in question can be accessible on the Web. .

For any site created by AbuzWeb, we take care of the domain name and hosting for rapid assistance for any post-design errors and to ensure the renewal of your subscriptions.

AbuzWeb organizes training on the handling and management of the project carried out on delivery. And you will have indefinite access to our assistance service.

Yes, you can entrust us with the management of your website. Contact us to define the terms of collaboration.

For your web writing needs, we recommend EcrisText. They are good and cheap.

Yes, you can entrust us with the communication on your social accounts. Contact us for more details on the possibilities of collaboration.

Yes, we develop Android mobile applications.

Yes, we develop IOS mobile applications

Yes, we can develop a mobile application that supports both Android and IOS operating systems.

A website redesign consists of in-depth modifications to the website. This is a substantive intervention on the visual, technical and structural aspect of the website.

As with the renovation of an office or a store, the redesign of a website improves the appearance and ergonomics of the site, gives it new functionalities and achieves better business results.