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How to create a website in Africa? | AbuzWeb - #1 Web Services Agency, based in Benin, Africa and Colorado, USA
  • 2022-07-25 16:57
  • By AbuzWeb

How to create a website in Africa?

Being present on the internet is now proving to be a must for an African entrepreneur driven by the strong desire to build its image and ensure great visibility on a global scale. Creating a website remains a priority solution for this purpose, but it is not always easy to achieve for a novice in Africa. Are you therefore actively looking for a credible guide capable of helping you identify the steps to take to easily create a website in Africa? Discover in this article the five essential steps to follow to brilliantly succeed your web project in Africa.

Define the goals of your website project

It's critically important to have a clear idea of ​​your project to ensure the runs smoothly the creation of your website in Africa. You must give yourself the time to classify, to identify your expectations before committing yourself. No detail should be omitted when compiling your specifications: information about your company and your products, diagrams, headings, etc. Entrust your website creation project to our web agency here.
You can also ask yourself questions about the reasons that motivate you to create this website, the added value that this website can bring to your company, the budget you have, the technical skills you have to create a website on your own, etc.

Find a domain name for your website

The domain name is the internet address that Internet users will be required to type to access your website in Africa and anywhere in the world. It is therefore vital to choose it well. Try to avoid long domain names (2 to 3 words maximum).
You also have the option of choosing a free domain name, but this option is not the best, because you risk being subjected to the requirements of the provider who offers it and support advertising imposed on your site. However, you can reserve a domain name of the type ".com" or ".net" or ".org which will allow you to change host freely. Thus, a pecuniary charge of 15 euros on average will be imposed on you per year. Find, buy or reserve a domain name for your website here at a low price.

Choose your reliable and secure web host

Once the creation of your site is finished, it must be accessible to all Internet users. You are responsible for placing your website page files on a server that is owned by a host.
The hosting company has the vocation of working to ensure that all the necessary means are used so that your website is available 24 hours a day and can be consulted in optimal sailing conditions. To choose your host, do not hesitate to analyze the many offers available. There are a myriad of web hosts on the web. The American branch of AbuzWeb (ABUZWEB LLC) offers you the best web hosting services in the USA. A web hosting reliable, fast, safe and secure at a lower cost.

Building your website

Getting started creating your website without the necessary skills can be overwhelming. To avoid possible mishaps, you can delegate your project to a credible digital agency in Africa. This will allow you to fully focus on your industry. But if you've been trained and plan to cTo create your website alone, you will probably have to take a few details into account. You must:
  • Design a site readable and effective;
  • Choose a simple graphics that will serve as your base on all pages;
  • Name your pages when you save them, with the simplest filename possible, and without spaces in the names of file;
  • Avoid pages that are too long. Opt for sequencing into headings;
  • Try not to put too large images that will use too much memory and make your site< slow /em>.

Make your site known on the internet: natural referencing

The most important step after the creation of your website remains its SEO, otherwise, its listing on search engines and directories. To make your website visible to thousands of Internet users in Africa and around the world, it is recommended to opt for natural referencing . You can learn this strategy during training. It remains the best way to allow your site to acquire long-term visibility on a national and international scale. You can also seek the expertise of prestigious web agencies in Africa who have all the necessary assets to respond appropriately to your requests.
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