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What is digital marketing? | AbuzWeb - #1 Web Services Agency, based in Benin, Africa and Colorado, USA
  • 2022-07-07 14:57
  • By AbuzWeb

What is digital marketing?

The strategic challenge of any company: Digital marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, or even e-marketing

A website is a necessary tool to promote its activities and be visible to many potential consumers around the world. Today most companies have them. The purpose of having a website for your business is:
- Represent and improve the image of the company and its services online
- Go beyond territorial limits by winning new distant customers in order to increase its turnover.

The development of search engine algorithms revealed that a website alone was not going to be enough on its own. To make yourself known on the web and target the consumer, strategies have been developed over time, encompassed in what is called digital marketing .

What is the definition of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is referred to by several names: digital marketing, webmarketing, online marketing or electronic marketing. Digital marketing is a set of practices and strategies implemented to achieve objectives:
-Generate more traffic on a website,
- Have more visibility,
- Make known a novelty,
- Sell more and on an international scale…
Digital marketing is a means of promoting business that offers more advantages, guarantees and security of investment than old-fashioned marketing.

What are the advantages of web marketing or digital marketing?

Online marketing or web marketing has various advantages that give it priority over old-fashioned marketing. Among other advantages, we can mention:
- With digital marketing, you can interact directly with the customer:
Web marketing brings you closer to your customers and creates a climate of interaction and web communication. It helps you better understand customer behavior towards your products and services.

- Insights gained from consumers help you tailor the offer and provide a personalized product or service that matches their needs:
Digital marketing creates a connection between you and your customers through web channels such as website, social networks , online advertising… This allows you to better understand the basis of the requests of your prospects or customers. Thus, you can match your products and services to the criteria of market demands.

- It promotes loyalty and customer satisfaction through a lasting and quality relationship:
A satisfied customer is bound to come back. Digital marketing gives you effective ways of communication around your products and services. Marketing strategies keep your customers informed about new and other improved offerings. It is an undeniable means of customer loyalty.

- It also saves cost and budget:
Webmarketing is generally a long-term solution. And the tools put in place make it possible to effectively measure, in advance, the results that will occur.

- Your business is always available online:
Your online presence implies that your business stays open and entertaining even while you sleep. Thanks to electronic marketing your business remains accessible anytime and from anywhere.

- The international opening is facilitated:
Land borders and distance are no longer limits to your ability to distribute your products and services.

- The gain in visibility improves your brand image and allows you to reach a wider audience:
Your online presence enhances your image with Internet users and increases your credibility. You are visible from everywhere.

- More facilities and possibilities thanks to teleworking:
Digital marketing also allows you to take advantage of certain possibilities of partnershipt that used to be impossible: freelancing and telecommuting.

- Your business performance results are much more accurate than before thanks to KPI analysis:
The tools used in the implementation of digital marketing strategies make it possible to accurately measure performance and results.

Digital marketing also makes it possible to target new customers, detect leads and thus differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to a tailor-made strategy.
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