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The Internet, how to benefit from it in 2023? | AbuzWeb - #1 Web Services Agency, based in Benin, Africa and Colorado, USA
  • 2022-09-29 09:31
  • By AbuzWeb

The Internet, how to benefit from it in 2023?

Today, we all agree that the Internet is not just a technology. It is defined as a communications infrastructure that connects networks around the world. However, over the past two decades, the Internet has become a very powerful technology. With more than 3.5 billion people connected today, the Internet has become an integral part of the daily, economic and social life of communities around the world. This internet virality can be exploited to your advantage by profit-making activities in 2023. Are you curious to discover them? The point right away in this article.

Four businesses to do on the Internet in 2023

Do you need inspiration to come up with an interesting idea that will make you reap the substantial benefits of using the internet? Here's a list of four best online business ideas, plus everything you'll need to get started.

1. Blogging

This activity was born with the advent of the Internet. Considered as the magazines or newspapers of the web, blogs occupy a large part of the web.
Indeed, blogs and vlogs have become supports to promote your business. These are magazines to keep your subject alive and allow you to become a recognized expert in your field.
Note: A vlog is similar to a blog. In fact, a vlog is a video blog (meaning a video blog). Vlogs are most often found on Facebook or YouTube
A blogger or blogger is a person who administers a blog. He can regularly call on collaborators (web agencies, web editors) to help him animate this blog. A corporate blog promotes a brand or a company. As for the individual blog, it is personal.
To set up a blog, you need:
- a publication space, a professional website for example, a CMS, a YouTube or Facebook account for vlogs
- A niche or topic
- Content to be published regularly.
You can entrust the creation and management of your blog to Abuzweb to have good results. Or when you have the time, learn how to blog on Abuzsavoir.

2. Membership

Affiliation or affiliate marketing is also one of the most profitable businesses on the internet. If you already have an effective online channel, such as a blog like above or a vlog on YouTube, you can "rent" your traffic to other brands or businesses. It is a well-known effective form of advertising.
For example, if you have a blog, other companies pay you to publish articles they have written about it, or even to post a link to your site with a positive mention. It is one of the most effective ways of advertising online, as it naturally makes it possible to promote a brand or product.
To get started with this project, you need:
- A lively blog or vlog
- A niche
- A community
- Brand contracts
- Marketing and advertising skills.
- Training on Abuzsavoir to become a pro.

3. E-commerce

Have you ever heard of e-commerce? In common terms, e-commerce or electronic commerce in French is the exchange (sale and purchase) of goods or services electronically over the internet. This business is one of the most profitable businesses on the internet. It allows you to:
- Expand your sphere of influence,
- Take advantage of a booming market,
- Reach a wider audience,
- Sell anytime anywhere in the world,
- Simplify the management of purchases and sales compared to traditional retail,
- Collect various information about your customers to find the best product on sale and at the best prices.
To get started, you must have:
- an e-commerce site
- products for sale
- a very advanced digital marketing service
- delivery service - customer service
- an after-sales service

4. The sale of NFT

For blockchain enthusiasts, non-fungible NFT tokens continue to explode in sales well into 2022. And this trend is likely to continue for years to come. But what is the sale of Nfts really about?
It consists in migrating his works of art on the blockchain in order to sell them without running the risk of being stolen by another. If you are an artist, musician, designer or creator of any artistic content, this may be a good business opportunity for you. Sales there are really interesting and range from $100 to more than $5,000 in mmedium.
To get started with this project, you will need:
- A talent for creating art
- A digital marketing service
- An online Marketplace
- A website (not necessary) if you want to have excellent results to exhibit your creations.
- A community if possible.
Now you notice that opportunities abound to take advantage of the Internet. To truly progress in one of these businesses, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also follow a training on Abuzsavoir or ask all your questions. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.
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