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Why have a mobile app for your website? | AbuzWeb - #1 Web Services Agency, based in Benin, Africa and Colorado, USA
  • 2022-09-29 00:13
  • By AbuzWeb

Why have a mobile app for your website?

Today, digital is conquering the world and more and more solutions are emerging to better help companies promote their business online. Among so many solutions, we have the creation of a website for its business and the creation of a mobile application.
But sometimes, we have the impression of investing in a vacuum when we already have a website and we are offered to make another mobile application. Know that both means are beneficial and even complementary in this digital marketing task. Discover through this article the many strengths of both.

What is a website?

A website or website is a set of pages linked together by links or URLs and containing information about your online activity. It is accessible by the browser thanks to a well-defined domain name.

What is a mobile app

A mobile application, on the other hand, is a program designed in its entirety to operate on a mobile system (Android, IOS). It can be downloaded via the internet and must be installed before use.

5 advantages of websites over mobile apps


Unlike mobile applications, websites are very easily accessible. You don't need to download a huge file and install it before accessing your content! Access to a website is twice or even three times faster than a mobile application. The simple thing to do is type your website's domain name into your browser and you're done.


A mobile application is not accessible on all types of terminals. On a computer for example, it is impossible to install a mobile app. On the other hand, a website can be visited both on a mobile and on a computer.


An update made on a website is immediately visible to Internet users while on a mobile application, this is not really the case. To access the changes, mobile users must still download the available updates.

The cost

It is true that the cost of designing a site or a mobile application depends on a certain number of criteria, ranging from the functionalities to be created to the presentation (design). But in general, a website requires less budget compared to a mobile application. Due to the complexity of the work and also the scarcity of mobile developers, designing an actual mobile application can be very expensive. For companies that are just starting out, it would be easier to start with a website for a smaller budget. Moreover, the web agency Abuzweb helps companies to set up their website, regardless of their current status.

The lifespan

The lifespan of a mobile application for a user is shorter than that of a website. Unlike the website which is available 24 hours a day via its domain name, your users may find that your mobile application is no longer useful, is slow or still weighs a little too much and decide to uninstall it.

5 advantages of mobile apps over websites

The design

To design a website, it will be necessary to take into account the many restrictions of the browser and their possibilities. Thus websites are critically dependent on the browsers on which they are visited. In mobile applications, it is quite the opposite. You are free and less limited in design.

User experience

It is easier to offer a personalized user experience on a mobile application. Thanks to a large list of options, the user can modify the use of his application according to his tastes and preferences.


In a marketing strategy, notifications are a very effective tool to bring your mobile users back to you. When the mobile app is used most often, you can use in-app notifications to keep your users close to you. Also, if the app is less used, there are push notifications to bring users back into the app. Note that this tool should be used in moderation to avoid turning into user harassment.

The time of use

We spend more time on our smartphones these days than on our computers. Mobile users spend an average of 86% of their time on their phones. It would then be easier to capture the attention of your users during their time of use.


A well-designed mobile application performs actions faster than a website. Couldisthat they usually store the data locally on the user's terminal to be able to retrieve it a little faster without connecting to an online database.

What to choose in the end?

Designing a mobile application or a website for the digitization of your business has as many advantages for one option as for the other. If you have a good budget, having both would be a better idea.
But if a choice had to be made between the two, it would depend on a certain number of parameters. If you need a hand in this choice, the web agency Abuzweb could help you. So do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.
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