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Why have a website for your business in Africa? | AbuzWeb - #1 Web Services Agency, based in Benin, Africa and Colorado, USA
  • 2022-07-25 19:55
  • By AbuzWeb

Why have a website for your business in Africa?

Starting and running your business in Africa entails many responsibilities. You should work in every possible way to increase your visibility and expand your circle of customers. Some favor the creation of a website for this purpose, but others still plunge into the wave of skepticism and hesitate to take the plunge. Are you also curious to understand why you should create a website for your business in Africa? Discover in this article five good reasons likely to motivate you to get involved right away.

Develop your visibility and propel your notoriety online

Do you know what the < strong>web trends since June 2022?
According to a reference platform for Internet world statistics called ''Internet World Stats'' , there are more than 4.5 billion internet users in the world, or more than 58% of the world's population. Africa has more than 61,000,000 internet users with a penetration rate of more than 42% since June 30, 2022. It has more than 287,000,000 Facebook subscribers with a penetration rate of more than 20%. An Internet user spends an average of 6 hours 30 minutes a day on the web. More than 45% of Internet users have purchased a product online. His statistics may well evolve according to the predictions. Today in Africa, the internet is gradually overtaking other mass media such as television, radio, etc.
This is therefore a great opportunity to seize to publicize your products and services if your ambition is truly to develop your business in Africa and significantly increase your turnover. With a website for your business, you guarantee yourself an excellent chance of being more easily visible to thousands of Internet users, prospecting new markets, etc.

Make a difference in a competitive industry
To crush the competition in your industry activity, you must constantly innovate and meet the needs of very demanding third parties. In addition to providing you with significant help in this context thanks to its functionalities, its design, its ergonomics and many other elements, a website offers you the possibility of conveying your image, of consolidating your reputation. It allows you to broaden your universe of customers, to create a more direct link with them, to collect their opinions and suggestions, which will be of great help to you in improving your business strategy. You will therefore gain credibility and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Make yourself always available for customer satisfaction

Even if you have to close the doors sometimes of your business, your website will become your showcase and will remain instantly accessible anywhere in the world. It will be able to interact with visitors, convert them into customers, maintain your relationships, expand your customer database, help you win markets and even negotiate professional appointments.
In short, your site becomes like a virtual employee or collaborator who constantly watches over your interests to make grow your business.

Save money

A website for your business in Africa remains a powerful marketing tool in terms of value for money. It allows you to reach a large audience without spending a crazy amount of money as sometimes in the case of a television communication. You can change your offers, communicate on your new products, make announcements at your leisure without being compelled to use your communication media as for the printed media (flyers, newspapers, etc.), radio and television advertisements >. In this context, a single infographic or a simple e-mailing campaign is enough to achieve your goals.
Over time, your site will improve at the same rate as the development strategy em> of your business and will obviously be very profitable. It will allow you to generate unlimited profits.
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