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Why prefer a web agency to the independent developer? | AbuzWeb - #1 Web Services Agency, based in Benin, Africa and Colorado, USA
  • 2022-06-15 23:51
  • By AbuzWeb

Why prefer a web agency to the independent developer?

For the implementation of a web project, it is necessary to resort to a workforce professional of the web. And for a web layman, choosing a web service provider can be difficult. To the point of exposing the layman customer to multiple risks: scam, project not executed or poorly executed, sloppy work... How can a web layman choose a service provider? >web development to limit the risks? Discover through this article the criteria that should attract your attention when choosing a web agency or a freelance or independent web developer.

Why prefer a web agency to a freelance or independent web developer?

First of all, it should be noted that web agencies are also web developers but who are incorporated. They act under the cover of society. Company status is well regulated. And its operation is well framed by strict texts. Its creation is subject to certain administrative formalities, which makes the company more easily tenable in the event of a dispute with its partners. All things that constitute a guarantee for the lay customer who can easily find his partner in the event of a problem.
On the other hand, freelance or independent developers are private individuals, natural persons who offer little guarantee of performance of the contract with respect to a web agency. Indeed, independent developers although there are very serious ones, they are easily volatile and can prove to be elusive.
The web development marketplaces run mostly remotely. This does not favor a physical knowledge of the partners. This fact alone is a source of insecurity for the lay customer of the web. Moreover, a market that involves monetary transactions can easily turn into a scam. The biggest difficulty in this case is the impossibility of being able to accurately identify the freelance web developer. Since the latter can choose to work on the web anonymously. That is, he deliberately chooses to hide his identity because of his evil intentions. This is why it is safer to deal with web agencies that are truly legally registered companies. The wind of digitization that is blowing in the countries offers simple and reliable means of verifying the actual existence of a company in many countries. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of these means to ensure that the web agency is really a registered company.

Other advantages of working with a web agency

Beyond the guarantee of execution that an incorporated web agency offers, there is the strength of teamwork. Typically, web agencies have a team of web developers. What makes a bundle of talents. It's a very fertile atmosphere for creating quality works. Indeed, these talents complement each other in such a way as to fill the gaps of each other. Under these conditions, there is a permanent learning process that pushes each member of the team to excel. In doing so, they are up to date with the evolution of web programming technology. This is very profitable for customers. ABUZWEB SARL is one of those web agencies that are revolutionizing the web.
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